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Library Guidelines and Programs

Library Guidelines and Expectations

  • Do be quiet.
  • Do walk slowly.
  • Do be helpful by using your shelf-marker, and keeping the books in order.
  • Do be careful with your books-they are yours for a week.
  • Do behave by keeping your hands, feet and all objects to yourself.
  • Do be sure to bring your books back weekly – Other students may be waiting for it!

Classroom Management

 1-2-3 Magic will be used to manage discipline.  This program is used throughout 7Bar.  Undesirable behavior is managed by counting to 1, 2, or 3.  On the count of 3, the student must take a five-minute refocus time out.

Birthday Book Club

Birthday Book Club is where your child donates a book in honor of their Birthday to Seven Bar’s Library.  A label is placed on the inside cover indicating that the book was a gift in honor of the student.  At the end of the year all students who participated by donating a book will pick out a paperback book at the end of the year.  Books may be donated anytime, not just on the student’s birthday. 

Bingo Book Club for K through 5th

Students in grades K-5 may pick up a bingo card in the Library and read different fiction and nonfiction books from different genres and authors from the Seven Bar Library.  When the student gets a bingo they bring the card in for a stamp and a prize and then take the card home to continue getting more bingos until they complete 5 bingos. 

Information Access At Home

There will be a separate handout outlining resources available that your student can access from home.        

NM Museum of Natural History

Parents can check out a membership card to the NM Museum of Natural History. Pass is checked out for 7 days and is good for 2 adults and 4 children for free entry into the museum.

Book Fair

Dates for the Fall Book Fair are Nov.9th – Nov. 17th.

More info to follow


We are excited to announce a new school resource, PebbleGo, that can be accessed from school, home or on the go---anywhere your student has an internet connection.  PebbleGo is a database specifically geared toward the needs of K-3 learners.  It helps your student learn foundational research skills plus provides critical early-reader supports like audio voice overs and text highlighting. Students will be given a bookmark with our login information to take home. You can always contact the Library staff for the password and login.  We currently subscribe to the following PebbleGo databases:  Animals (English and Spanish), Biographies, and Science.

Mo WIllems Fun

Check out Mo Willems' web site for literacy fun and games!