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Sites That Have It All

Language Arts

Learn Letters


litcenter.jpg Literacy Center - Play with Letters starfalla.jpg StarFall - Learn Your ABC's
alphanimals.jpg Alphabet Animals kidport.jpg Kidport Kindergarten - Letter, Word and Language Activities
hauntalpha.gif Haunted Alphabet - Find the hidden letters clifford.jpg Clifford's Letter Match - Sort Words by Beginning Letters
billybearletter.jpg Type in the Letter with BillyBear    


Alphabetical Order

enchlrndots.jpg Enchanted Learning's Online Connect the Dots - choose letters or numbers funbraindots.jpg FunBrain's Connect the Dots with Letters
alphazoo.gif Alphabet Zoo - Put the animals in ABC order    


Uppercase and Lowercase Letters

lobsterletters.jpg Help Leo the Lobster - Match upper and lowercase letters pawpark.jpg Paw Park - Match upper and lowercase letters
lugletters.jpg Lug and the Giant Storks - Match lowercase and uppercase letters alphabetzoo.jpg Alphabet Zoo - Match lowercase and uppercase letters
alphapuzzle.jpg Alphabet Puzzle - Match lowercase and uppercase letters alphaword.jpg Word Puzzle - Match lowercase and uppercase words
billybearletter.jpg   Type in the Missing Beginning Letter with BillyBear       abcgame.gif   The ABC Game - Match beginning letters to pictures
clifford.jpg   Clifford - Make Short Words with Vowels       starwords.jpg   Star Words - Match the shapes of words
donalddunk.jpg   Donald Dunk - Click the Letters to Spell Words & Dunk Donald       alienhunt.jpg   Alien Scavenger Hunt - Build Short Words out of Letters
funbrainvocab.jpg   Fun Brain's Vocabulary - Match short words to their pictures       letmatch.gif   Letter Matching - Drag the Missing Letter into the Word
hifreq.jpg   High Frequency Words - Place words in picture sentences       whatsinthebag.jpg   What's in the Bag? - Pick What the Words Describe


abcgulp.jpg   ABC Gulp - Listen for the Letter to Feed the Frog       letterpop.jpg   Letter Pop - Click the Letter When You Hear Its Name
clifford.jpg   Clifford's Sound Match       starfalla.jpg   StarFall - Learn Your ABC Sounds
bearwear.jpg   Bear Wear - Listen for the First Sound to Dress the Bear       picturematch.jpg   Picture Match - Click the beginning letter sound




digbyrhyme.jpg   Digby Mole - Listen for the Rhymes       createareader.jpg   Create-A-Reader Rhyming Words
elmotimetorhyme.jpg   Make Time to Rhyme with Elmo   colortherainbow.jpg   Color the Rainbow - A Rhyming Story about Colors
reggierhyme.jpg   Reggie the Rhyming Rhino   groverrhyme.jpg   Super Grover in the Nick of Rhyme
animalmuddle.jpg   Animal Muddle - A Rhyming Poem   jumpingrhymes.jpg   Jumping Rhymes


Read Stories


tumblebooks.jpg   TumbleBooks Library - Ms. Olsen Has Sign-In   teachingbooks.jpg - Awesome author & book studies on thousands of books
starfall.gif   Learn to Read at Starfall!       bitababird.gif   Bitaba Bird
clifford.jpg   Clifford Stories       farmanimals.gif   The Farm Animals
fairystories.jpg   Fairy Stories       piratestreasure.gif   Pirate's Treasure
storybear.jpg   Storybear's Stories       morrisspecialday.jpg   Morris' Special Day - English & Spanish Words
storyplace.gif   Story Place Stories Read Aloud       storyline.jpg   Storyline (with Famous Actors!)
andersen.jpg   Hans Christian Andersen Stories Read Aloud            


Story Parts


tinareal.jpg Tina's World - Real or Make-Believe    


 Put Stories in Order


storyscramble.jpg       Arthur's Story Scramble            




  prometheanman.pngvirtualmath.png   Virtual Manipulatives - Awesome Math for the Promethean Board   leonthechameleon.png   Leon the Chameleon's Math Dojo
jayzeecounting.jpg   Beginning Numbers & Counting       squarebricks.jpg   Square Bricks - Click the Number Shown
fishycount.gif   Fishy Count       kidportnumbers.gif   Kidport Numbers - Match numeral to number of objects
peacockfeathers.jpg   Count Us In - Peacock Feathers       seahorsecount.jpg   Seahorse Count
noodledogs.jpg   Walking the Dogs - Count the right number of dogs       kidporthowmany.gif   Kidport - How Many?
leckycount.jpg   Counting with Lecky - Catch Balloons to 5 or 10       snapdragonhowmany.jpg   Snapdragon - How Many?
fishtank.jpg   Fish Tank - Catch the Right Number of Fish       countthebananas.jpg   Count the Bananas
sesamestreet.jpg   Sesame Street Number Games       missingfact.jpg   Missing Fact - Count the Fingers, Dice Dots or Domino Dots
dinoplacevalue.jpg   Dino Place Value - Tens & Ones   partitioning.PNG   Tens and Ones - Partitioning Numbers


Sequence (1-2-3)

     prometheanman.pngvirtualmath.png   Virtual Manipulatives - Awesome Math for the Promethean Board        
kidportsequencing.gif   Kidport Sequencing Numbers       conveyorbelt.jpg   Conveyor Belt - Click the Airplanes in Order from Smallest to Largest
enchlrndots.jpg   Enchanted Learning's Online Connect the Dots - choose numbers or letters            


Adding (& Halves)

prometheanman.pngvirtualmath.png   Virtual Manipulatives - Awesome Math for the Promethean Board        
littleanimalsaddsub.jpg   Add & Subtract with Little Animals       kidportnumbersentence.gif   Kidport Number Sentences
savethewhale.jpg   Save the Whale - Make 10 with Adding   funkymummy.jpg   Funky Mummy - Click the Mummy to Solve Adding up to 10 + 10
kidportadd.gif   Kidport Vertical Addition       kidportsub.gif   Kidport Vertical Subtraction
fiveframe.jpg   Five Frame - Includes 4 Games   tenframe.jpg   Ten Frame - Includes 4 Games
partitioning.PNG   Tens and Ones - Partitioning Numbers        
connecthalves.jpg   Connect the Halves



prometheanman.pngvirtualmath.png   Virtual Manipulatives - Awesome Math for the Promethean Board        
tallerorshorter.jpg   Taller or Shorter?       tallesttoshortest.jpg   Tallest to Shortest Athletes
comparenorder.jpg   Compare and Order       whichhasmore.jpg   Which Has More?
fishtales.jpg   Fish Tales - Measure the Fish   harcourtlengthstrength.jpg   Length Strength - Measure with Paper Clips
kidscomdifferent.jpg   KidsCom Jr - Games - What's Different       sortthepictures.jpg   Count Us In - Sort the Pictures
kidportsamediff.gif   Same or Different - Pick out what's the same       nasanotthesame.jpg   NASA - It's Not the Same



   prometheanman.pngvirtualmath.png   Virtual Manipulatives - Awesome Math for the Promethean Board        
kinderwebshapes.jpg   Shape Learning Game       oochyshapes.jpg   Oochy Goes to the Fair - Match Basic Shapes
krogshapes.jpg   Learn Shapes with Krog       jayzeeshapes.jpg   Match Shapes to Build Animals
kidportshapes.gif   Kidport - Shapes       tangramshapes.jpg   Match Shapes to Fill in a Tangram Puzzle
snowflake.jpg   Make A Snowflake - Practice 2D Symmetry!       astronomyshapes.jpg   Astronomy for Kids - Match space shapes



   prometheanman.pngvirtualmath.png   Virtual Manipulatives - Awesome Math for the Promethean Board        
patternmania.gif - Pattern Mania       simonsays.gif   Simon Says - Repeat the pattern of flashes
nasanext.jpg   NASA What Comes Next?       virtualgoosepattern.jpg   Match the color patterns
colorsequence.jpg   Lecky's Picture Painting - Make the Same Picture            



   prometheanman.pngvirtualmath.png   Virtual Manipulatives - Awesome Math for the Promethean Board        
stoptheclock.jpg   Stop the Clock - Time to the Half Hour       time.gif - What Time is It?
clockwise.jpg   Clockwise - Click Random and Type What Time It Shows (Level 1 = Hours)            



   prometheanman.pngvirtualmath.png   Virtual Manipulatives - Awesome Math for the Promethean Board        
spendingspree.gif - Spending Spree            



matchgames.gif - Matching Games for Every Occasion!       matchup.jpg   Match Up
kidscommatch.jpg   KidsCom Jr - Games - Matching       kids4play.jpg   4Kids2Play - Brainwork (Tangrams, Memory, etc.)
smatchup.jpg   Super Match Up       skymatch.jpg   Match Sky Cards
bugmatch.jpg   Match Bug Cards       fruitmatch.jpg   Match Fruit Cards



Energy & Motion

bbcpush.jpg   Pushes & Pulls - How far can you push or pull the horse?       bbcforces.jpg   Forces & Movement - How far does the truck go when you push it?
sheepgame.gif   Sheep Game - Herd the sheep into their pen   gravity.gif   Gravity - Can you steer the lander while gravity pulls on it?



bbcgrouping.jpg   What is It Made of?       waterproof.jpg   Is It Waterproof? Is It Bendy?
prometheanman.pngmaterials1.png   Materials #1 - Identify and Sort Materials by Purpose (Requires Reading - Whole Group Activity)   prometheanman.pngmaterials2.png   Materials #2 - Sort and Label Materials in Different Ways, Including Man-Made vs. Natural (Requires Reading - Whole Group Activity)
prometheanman.pngsound.png   Sound and Hearing - Can You Identify the Sounds? (Some Reading Required)        


Living Things

zooborns.jpg   ZooBorns - The newest and cutest exotic baby animals from zoos and aquariums around the world!   bbcwhatwherewhenwhy.jpg   Learn about Insect Parts, Vertebrates, and Animal Care, and play Animal Riddles
snuffysafari.jpg   Snuffy's Safari - View animals in their habitats       snuffygarden.jpg   Snuffy's Magic Garden - Water the plants to make them grow
elmofootprints.jpg   Footprints - Match the animal to the footprints       starfallgarden.jpg   Starfall Garden Shop - Plant a flower
glaxoanimals.jpg   Humans & Animals - Learn animal facts       plantparts.png   Plants - Parts & What They Need to Grow: Good group activity on Promethean Board
nationalgeogkids.jpg   National Geographic Kids Creature Features - Learn about Animals - See Videos, Too!   nocturnalanimals.png   Nocturnal Animals Search Game
Denbutton1.gif   TEACHERS - Animal Baby Names      


Body Parts

bodyparts.png   Ourselves - Naming Parts of the Body       busteralien.jpg   Build an Alien
leckysfriends.jpg   Make Lecky's Friends   leckysfriends.jpg   Lecky's Friends to Make (Printable)
scaryspud.jpg   Make a Scary Spud        



kalani.jpg   Ride the Winds with Kalani - The Sun, Seasons, Temperature, Clouds & Precipitation       zoeseasons.jpg   Zoe's Seasons
zoesillyseasons.jpg   Zoe's Silly Seasons       snowflake.jpg   Make A Snowflake
rightclothes.jpg   The Right Clothes - Choose the right clothes for the season       dressmuffy.jpg   Muffy's Wardrobe - Dress Muffy for the Occasion
dressbella.jpg   What Will Bella Wear?       bbcwhatwherewhenwhy.jpg   Learn about How Clothes Are Made and Which Clothes Work Where
elmoweather.jpg   Dress Elmo for Fall   dresscaillou.jpg   Dress Caillou for the Weather
dressinglecky.jpg   Dressing Lecky for the Weather        



wetsoap.jpg   Wet, Soap, Rinse & Dry - How to wash your hands       scrubclub.jpg   Scrub Club Games - Learn how handwashing fights germs
foodfun.jpg   Food Fun from Apples to Zucchini   fizzyslunchlab.jpg   Fizzy's Lunch Lab - Videos and Music about Health & Nutrition
fitjunior.png   Fit Junior from WebMD        
kitchentour.jpg   Kitchen Tour with Mixie   safetytips.jpg   Kitchen Safety Tips with Fizzy



seeinsky.jpg   What Can You See in the Sky? - An online story         daynnightmap.jpg Day & Night World Map - See Where It's Day & Where It's Night (Choose Day/Time/Place)
Denbutton1.gif   TEACHERS - StarDate Online         Denbutton1.gif TEACHERS -


Everyday Science

earthday.jpg   Every Day is Earth Day - Starfall Interactive Book       recycleit.gif   Recycle It - Take the recycling through the maze
firesafetyforteachers.jpg   Fire Safety Resources for Teachers (Books, Songs, Lesson Plan Ideas, etc.)            


Social Studies